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Our philosophy is simple : after an experience in monohulls building (among one ULDB), we are now building multihulls since 25 years, and some of them have sailed three circumnavigations….that is to say more than 70 000 milles !


To day catamarans are “fashions” and we know that it’s an excellent travel boat… those from our yard are a good proof.


For objective reasons, the multihulls we build are :


Powerful : their sail area/weight ratio is higher than the average of the currently market


Strong : because we are experienced and we study the structure of finished elements, thus we know where efforts are transmitted and so we put reinforcements where it’s necessary, to avoid any bad surprise


Reliable : for same reasons, but also because we choose our standard equipment among wellknown suppliers


Comfort, Safety and Performances are the three words that sum up our boats


A complete yard

Located in Soubise near Rochefort, on the Charente river, the yard integrates all guilds, from mainworks to fully-equipped boat.


Technical requirement

The team is composed of high-qualified technicians, all-rounders and enthusiasts.

Composite building, Kevlar and fibreglass fabrics, polyester and epoxy resins, carbon mast (in option) realized at the yard with vacuum system with post-firing, deckfittings, electronic, sails…. “top-of-the-range”.


The mind of a passionate builder…


Beyond every magic and stylishness of the boat under sailing, this signature personifies the work and passion of a man, Philippe Tournier, grandson of a master mariner, the sea has always been in all his dreams and projects.


This passion first lead him to races and high-sea cruises, on mono and multihulls, before taking him to put all his resources and experience as boat builder – mono and multihulls.


As a real technician, he combines materials, technology and expertises to build seaworthy boats, perfectly adapted to sea realities and pressures.


During 25 years of building, more than 125 boats have been launched to sail all seas and oceans everywhere in the world.


The loyalty to his sailing dream has made Philippe Tournier a unique builder in nautism bussiness. He builds customized boats that combine Safety, Performance and Comfort… and in his files, plenty of projects will be offer… follow this soon…

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