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Letter to Tournier Marine - James and Lucy Stewart


We have finally arrived in Papeete, Tahiti, and back to the sounds of a city after the tranquillity of the Tuamotus.


Snow Leopard continues to behave wonderfully (touch wood). Not only is she fast, but also so comfortable, even compared with other catamarans. The motion is much smoother, I think primarily due to the shape of the hulls.


The speed of the Freydis is well known, but it continues to surprise us how we make such fast passages with ease and comfort. We crossed the 3000 miles from Galapagos to the Marquesas in 14 days with just the two of us on board, and we were sailing very conservatively. The only boat we have met that has matched our 14 days was a fully-crewed 90ft Swan! We then travelled the 540 miles from Marquesas to Tuamotus in 2 days, again with a crew of just two.


As yet we have had no major problems with the boat. We have had to replace the water pumps on both Volvo engines, and continuously carry out routine maintenance, but that's to be expected.


Snow Leopard has also proved to be very comfortable to live aboard, both at sea and in harbour. The high bridgedeck clearance keeps wave-slap to a minimum. Other catamaran owners we have talked to have complained about the continuous pounding because of their boats' low water clearance. Of course we do get the occasional wave bang under the bridgedeck but it's acceptable.


Because the deck profile of the Freydis is so sleek visitors to Snow Leopard are surprised at the amount of room both in the saloon and in the hulls. All in all we could not have chosen a better boat for this voyage.


The rotating rig with the carbon mast is wonderful and draws many admiring comments.


I just want to thank, firstly Eric Lerouge for designing such a fantastic boat and you and your boatyard for constructing Snow Leopard and for all the help and support you gave us throughout the project.


We continue to think of you all at Soubise. We hope all is well and we look forward to seeing you all when we return to Europe.


Very best regards

Snow Leopard

Tahiti, French Polynesia 



François GOURDON’ s account, Owner of ATIKA - FREYDIS 49’


I left my Privilège catamaran in 2009 after five years of cruising in Mediterranean sea and after several monohulls, the first one being a wonderful Arpège.


I was seduced by the enthusiasm of FREYDIS owners but also by the passion of her builder himself, Philippe TOURNIER. A passion we immediately shared to design a catamaran customized according to my requirements : technical and very fast because of her thin hulls, her rotating mast, her nice sails (square mainsail, genoa, drifter asymmetrical spi…) but also very stylish with a luxuous interior, but not ostentatious.


ATIKA is born one year after, with charcoal grey hulls, a black carbon mast and an interior totally realized in cherrywood, with white leather saloon and seats and beds in red Alcantara. A real beauty that does not go unnoticed coming in a marina.


But what surprised me since the first sailings were the handiness and speed, immediately at 15 or 17 knots. Regular surfs night and day during a transat at 20-22 knots. And even a point at 30.7 knots in the Bay of Biscay under 3 reefs. We were afraid because we are not professionals but ATIKA stayed on her course without lurching or luffing.


Fortunately, we also have calm family times with children and grand-children in Corsica or Antillas under the coconut palms. And what a pleasure to have a drink while staying flat, with “pastis” glasses on the table, feeling all accelerations due to the wind, with some monohulls around us, heeling to 45°, looking desesperatly our cat that rides away quickly….


To sum up, a nice cat, a little bit technic but that every crew number loves when discovering this great machine.


Today, ATIKA is quietly waiting for us in Canarias in a nice marina in Lanzarote, for a cool summer and departure for the ARC in November 2013 25th to Santa Lucia with a strong aim for her crew : be the first of the 34 catamarans already registered.

François GOURDON, owner and skipper of ATIKA

PS : there’s a picture of ATIKA under spi at the French Yacht Club among prestigious sailing boats….



Seven years around the world on board of a Fredys 49' by Béatrice et José Lianès


In 2004, we asked the TOURNIER MARINE yard to build our FREYDIS 49’ Cruiser “Nan Fong”.

We were ready to leave for a long trip. We were looking for a comfortable, strong and high-performance cat : the Freydis 49’ was perfectly obvious for us. 

During this “extra-ordinary” parenthesis of 7 years, the Freydis 49’ was the ideal partner and really contributed to the success of our journey, taking us all around the world.

 In all weathers Nan Fong always came through and we never had some doubts about her outstanding marine qualities and her sturdiness. In bad weather, when the wind was strong ant the sea turned nasty, Nan Fong was always reassuring. Her deckfittings and her building are strong and comforting. FREYDIS are seaworthy boats that react perfectly when sailing. Really performing at close reach, the Freydis stay nevertheless exceptionally comfortable and are light enough to rush forward with every little breeze. Nan Fong offered us some fabulous sailing moments :

 With is poor draft, she allowed us to reach heavenly moorings.

Because of her welcoming cockpit, we were often full at drink time !

And with her stylish look, everybody notices her, causing admiration, compliments and often nice meetings !

In brief, Nan Fong never did anything blameworthy and we never regretted our choice. She’s a real part of the beauty and happiness of our trip and we love her a lot. And we feel affection for the whole team at the yard who built us a so nice boat and allowed us a so beautiful trip.

Béatrice and José LIANES


Follow us on : http://www.nanfong.fr/cariboost1/

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